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iText tutorial in java for beginners and professionals with examples in eclipse on Basics, create pdf, read pdf, edit pdf, split pdf, merge pdf, add password protection to PDF and more.
Working iText examples programs with output and source code.

What is PDF file?

PDF refers to the Portable Document Format and represents a file format. A PDF file is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. It is a standard format for the electronic exchange of documents. A PDF file always retains its formatting and have no effect on viewing or printing.

What is iText jar?

The iText jar is an open source java library to create, read and manipulate the pdf files in java. It is created by Bruno Lowagie.

Let us discuss some important terms related to iText jar:

    1. Document: It represents a pdf document.
    2. Chunk: It specify the smallest unit of text as a string with pre-defined font.
    3. Phrase: It is used to combine the more than one chunks and add spacing between the lines.
    4. Paragraph: It is a subclass of Phrase and represents the paragraph of the text. Using Paragraph class we can manage paragraph alignment, spacing etc.
    5. Anchor: It is a subclass of Paragraph and represents a link, simply like a website link.
    6. List: It represents a list of items and can be ordered or unordered.
    7. Table: It is used to add the table in the pdf file. We have to define the number of columns in the PdfTable constructor.
    8. Image: It is used to add the image in the pdf file. We can specify the image properties like position, alignment, border etc.
    9. Font: It is used to specify the font style of the text.
    10. Chapter: It is used to add the chapter in the pdf file.
    11. Section: It is used to add the section in the pdf file.


Java iText tutorial:


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